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3 Critical Components of a Car Wrap

Quality Graphic Designs
Quality Prints
Quality Installations

If any of these components are lacking your wrap will not achieve its full effectiveness.

You will:

  1. Lose business
  2. Present a Less then Professional Image
  3. Replace your Wraps sooner
  4. Waste your money
  5. The list goes on...

Houston Wraps - DGM - Box Truck Wrap

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Graphic Design

Take your time compare our graphic designs against our competitors.
Most other vehicle wraps are ineffective... they are like TV commercials where you cannot remember who the company was or what they were selling.
Most car wraps look more like they belong in an art car parade and have little to no marketing value.

A successful graphic design must:

  • Get your attention
  • Convey your message Legibly & Effectivly
  • Give you a Professional Image
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Look Good
Our graphic designers have over 75 years combined experience in outdoor advertising.

Houston Wraps - Dependable - Dragster Wrap

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Top of the Line Materials:

  • Full Hard solvent Ink
  • Premium 3M vinyl
  • Premium 3M UV blocking film laminate

State-of-the-art high resolution, full hard solvent ink printers. 
            All our car wraps are printed in high resolution. This makes your wraps look good up close and it also makes your colors Pop! (more vibrant, Reds are Red'er, Blues are Blue'er, etc. )

Full hard solvent inks give the brightest color and longest durability (fade resistance).

We use full hard solvent Triangle™ inks,

  • Not Solvent
  • Not Light Solvent
  • Not Eco Solvent
  • Not Almost Full Solvent

    This is the tried-and-true, time tested system that works; don’t let anyone tell you differently.

3M® UV blocking film laminate protects your print
            This gives the longest lasting UV protection and scratch resistance against outside elements.

Premium 3M® IJ-180C Vinyl is the state-of-the-art material for vehicle wraps.

Houston Wraps - Texas Bass - Trailer Wrap

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We keep our installation facility clean, well lit and fully climate controlled. (not just climate monitored)

Our facilties AC Sytem has a rating 3 times larger then what is normally required for this size space.

All car wrap vehicles go through a 7 step cleaning process in preparation for installation.

  • Most mirrors, door handles etc. are professionally removed prior to the installation
  • Most of our car wraps are done with minimal to no seams.
  • We use up to 60” material, the largest available.

We have the experience of literally thousands of installations under our belt.

Houston Wraps - Belknap Plumbing - Van Wrap

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